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Weddings & Photography

The beauty of a horse is irresistible. A horse adds a touch of elegance, simplicity and sophistication all at the same time. 

We offer photography sessions for weddings, fashion shoots and event shoots.


Celebrations & Ceremonies

Everyone relates to the horse through symbolism in their faith, beliefs, culture and values. 

Our horses elevate your celebrations and walk alongside your ceremonies.


Team Building & Corporate Events

Our Equine Leadership & Team-building programmes are great opportunities for your colleagues and you to come together.


Specially thought through activities and techniques are introduced to help achieve your goals - even if it's just having a great time!

BTSC have hosted corporate events, product launches, client experiential events, leadership and team building programmes, and even private riding experiences. 


Framed by the vast greenery and immense landscape away from the highly urban city, BTSC is the perfect exclusive space for your events. The sunrises and sunsets are breath-taking. 


BTSC also organises events across the year, offering collaborations and branding opportunities for brands and companies who seek unique ways of telling their story. Find out more about the National Jumping Championships here. 


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